Fire Safety Principles (Interactive)
An interactive Fire Safety Principles course.
Module 1 Understand the hazards and risks associated with fire in the workplace
Hazards and risks associated with fire in the workplace.
Module 1 Introduction - Module 1
Module 2 Explain how fires are caused in the workplace
Module 3 Draw and explain the components of the fire triangle
Module 4 Identify the hazards during or after a fire, including the products of combustion
Module 5 Describe the characteristics of fire and smoke spread
Module 2 Understand how fire risk is controlled in the workplace
How is fire risk controlled in the workplace?
Module 1 Introduction - Module 2
Module 2 State the different methods used to identify and control fire hazards
Module 3 Define the term 'means of escape' in relation to fire hazards
Module 4 Outline typical components for means of escape from fire hazards
Module 5 Describe methods of fire detection and raising the alarm
Module 6 Describe the principle of how fires are extinguished
Module 7 Describe how portable fire-fighting should be used safely
Module 8 Identify common fixed fire-fighting systems and where they might be used
Module 3 Understand the principles and practice of fire safety management at work
Principles and practice of fire safety management at work.
Module 1 Introduction - Module 3
Module 2 Outline the duties of employers and employees with respect to fire safety in the workplace
Module 3 Outline how to undertake a simple fire safety inspection in the workplace
Module 4 Describe the stages involved in a fire risk assessment
Module 4 Understand the role of the nominated fire warden
The role of the nominated fire warden.
Module 1 Introduction - Module 4
Module 2 State the role and function of fire wardens in their workplace
Module 3 Outline the content of a fire safety briefing
Module 5 Resources
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Module 1 Fire Safety Principles Resources