What is time management?

Personal Development
Personal Development units for the Railway Course * Time management * Appropriate behaviour at work * ICT for work
Module 1 Managing Your Time
Module 1 1.1 How time can be managed in a place of work
Module 2 1.2 Review own time management and identify areas where you can improve
Module 3 1.3 Plan your own work activity with appropriate support from others
Module 4 1.4 Carry out work activity within plan time scales
Module 5 2.1 Describe 2 different time related problems that can lead to disruption in a place of work
Module 6 2.2 Identify where you can access support when they run into difficulties with time management
Module 7 3.1 Give 2 examples of why punctuality is important in the place of work, identifying the consequences of not being punctual
Module 8 Reliability in production and customer service
Module 9 Course evaluation