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Behavioural Videos

Sentinel Behavioural Videos




Sentinel app improvements August 2018

Sentinel Operations update March 2018

Sentinel Site Access Brief Compressed (1) 

Sentinel z-card



Sentinel e-learning access guide



COSS pre-course workbook


Site Access Supporting Documents

8. Sentinel Site Access A4 user guide FINAL

How do I gain access to NR Managed Infrastructure - TVP PTS

How do I obtain an ICI Lone-Worker-guide

New PC Client View

New Sponsor Admin View

What Sentinel log on do I need for my role

Who orders my Sentinel card


Student Membership for The Institution for Rail Infrastructure Engineers

The Institution for Rail Infrastructure Engineers

Membership is open to anyone who is either actively involved in the rail industry, retired or just has a general interest in rail infrastructure engineering. Students are particularly welcome and membership is free for students. For more information regarding the membership, please visit