LSDN Enrichment Programme


LSDN Enrichment programme offers forms a key part of LSDN’s social mobility ethos. We want to stretch our learners and provide them opportunities to access knowledge and implementation they may not have had the opportunity to access previously.
LSDN mission is to enhance the life chances, economic independence, and social mobility opportunities of our learners by helping them to develop the necessary technical, academic and life skills to enable them to realise their fullest potential at home, in the workplace and within the community.
All learners who complete an Enrichment module online will need to complete a self-declaration form in order to receive the Certificate of Achievement. LSDN Enrichment Programme Self Declaration Form
For more information, contact your Personal Course Tutor or email

Click on Career Support for Employability and Career Development / Personal and Professional Presentation Skills Options and more.
Click on Additional Qualification and Skills for Fitness and Nutrition, Personal Skills Development, Study Skills, Mental Health Awareness, Fundamental British Values, Digital Skills Options and more.


Virtual Enrichment Workshops

Our LSDN Virtual Enrichment workshop are every Friday from 1:00pm-2:00pm via Zoom. Some events require a share document 

Enrichment Events Dates Host Resources 
Emotional Resilience 13/02/21 JB

Video/PPt Discussion questions

Certificate of Attendance

Cake and Chat 19/02/21 SB Ingredients and baking equipment
LSDN Sing-A-Long 26/02/21 JB Learner Voice


Emotional Resilience 

Zoom link will be sent out on Friday morning

Cake and Chat

Learners to email me and will receive a shared Google Doc 


Zoom link will be sent out and shared screen will provide the lyrics on Friday morning


To sign up for an Enrichment workshop, you can register through your personal tutor, front desk or via email


Additional Enrichment Skills and Support



The iREPORTit app will allow people to refer worrying or disturbing content to the CTIRU easily, effectively and, crucially, completely anonymously.

There should be no safe space for terrorists online – the CTIRU (Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit) have a team of specially trained officers who can assess each referral and take appropriate action including referring to other related teams if needed.

Currently iREPORTit is only available as a completely free app, links to download below:

Apple App Store

Google Play Store


What to do in a Terrorist Attack- Video

Fire Safety

Fire Safety Principles Learning

British Values

Gateway Award for British Values


Test Your Stress Levels

First Aid

First Aid Resources

Employability Skills

Employability Skills-CV, Job Applications, Interview Skills, Mindset, Conflict Management

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Understanding Animal Welfare in Violent Homes

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Female Genital Mutilation

Awareness of Forced Marriage

An Introduction to GDPR

Get Moving, Get Healthy

Understanding Young Minds

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